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Miles Fleniken

Miles hails from NW Louisiana and has called Potter County home for the past decade. When not hunting or pursuing upland game, he's frying fresh catfish and gulf shrimp from Southern recipes.

upland hunting guide Pennsylvania
Taylor & Alex Hand

Taylor and Alex are part time guides on God's Country Upland Preserve. Make no mistake though, guiding great hunts with outstanding memories is a full time job for this couple.

Loren "Fitz" Fitzgerald

Fitz has called Potter County home for the last 50 years. After a brief 20-year career in the US Air Force, he moved his family back to God's Country in 2006.

Eric Potter

Eric is a native of the Potter County area and a part time guide on God's Country Upland Preserve. WIth years of experience guiding and hunting himself, he is sure to give you the hunt you've been waiting for.



Jack is a German Wirehaired Pointer who is an anchor on our preserve.  He's an all-day warrior who takes his job very seriously.

upland hunting dog Pennsylvania

Shania is an English Pointer who hails from Western Iowa and recently joined our team.  She and others will be cocked-and-locked for a hunt.


Mako is a GSP that has been raised on our preserve. He's received outstanding 3rd-party training and is killer on everything upland.

upland hunting dog Pennsylvania
upland hunting dog Pennsylvania
Ladybird Johnson & Annabelle
upland hunting dog Pennsylvania

 Ladybird is a Vizsla who hails from Mira Vizslas in Wisconsin. She is a prodigy at hunting birds and has the sweetest temperament. AnnaBelle is from Onancock, VA.   She joined our team officially in 2020.  

Josie is a two-year old Vizsla who started training in South Dakota.  She joined the team in 2021 and started guiding in April 2022.

upland hunting dog Pennsylvania

Axle is a tri-colored GSP who began his career in Wisconsin.  He joined our team in 2021.  Don't mistake his gentle demeanor...he is a silent assassin on upland game.


Fiocchi is another GSP that has proven her caliber on GCUP. Able to work alone or on a team of dogs, she is absolutely devastating on a hunt.

upland hunting dog Pennsylvania

Colt is a GSP that is just as deadly as his name. He is the main dog of Taylor and Alex, and is another workhorse of our preserve.


Like others, Brody is a GSP that has shown himself worthy of guiding on GCUP. Moving like a phantom and locking on a point, he is a premier dog to work with.

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